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Questions for Michigan community stakeholders. Reply with your comments.

  • Questions for Michigan community stakeholders. Reply with your comments.

    Posted by DrRon Suarez on May 2, 2023 at 10:18 am

    We are beginning to organize community stakeholders who represent the communities near Willow Run. We are planning a meeting at one of the local libraries and we are asking the following questions. Please reply with your suggestions.

    1. What is your current level of access to broadband internet services, and how does it impact your daily life and work?

    2. What do you think are the main barriers preventing people in this community from accessing high-speed internet, and how can we overcome them?

    3. Are there any specific populations in this community that are particularly vulnerable or underserved when it comes to internet access? If so, what can we do to ensure that they have access to the same opportunities as everyone else?

    4. How can we ensure that the cost of broadband internet is affordable for all members of this community, regardless of income or socioeconomic status?

    5. What kind of infrastructure and technology is needed to support high-speed internet access in this community, and how can we ensure that it is implemented in an equitable and sustainable way?

    6. What role can the government, businesses, and community organizations play in promoting digital equity and ensuring that everyone has access to the internet?

    7. How can we ensure that people in this community have the necessary digital skills and knowledge to use the internet effectively and safely, and what resources can we provide to support them?

    8. How can we measure the success of our efforts to promote digital equity in this community, and what metrics should we use to track progress over time?

    9. Are there any potential negative consequences or unintended effects of promoting digital equity in this community, and how can we mitigate them?

    10. How can we ensure that our efforts to promote digital equity are sustainable and continue to benefit future generations?

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    DrRon Suarez

    Core organizer
    May 2, 2023 at 11:50 am

    Stakeholders could collaborate to seek a “Backhaul” (connection) to connect a local community run mesh network in the to the Internet. Here is a possible source: “Ann Arbor SPARK was recently awarded more than $2 million in federal funding to build an underground fiber optic cable between downtown Ann Arbor and downtown Ypsilanti.” Is your community interested in better, faster, cheaper, Internet? Could the resulting improvement in #DigitalEquity make strides towards self-sufficiency in the areas of employment, education, and health/wellness?

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