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We are the Broadband Institute. See our Foundation’s website.


Restore the Internet as a Public Commons to connect us like the sidewalk, fostering innovation, economic growth, and digital inclusion for a connected future.


Transform the digital divide into Digital Dividends for all with our Member tools and Group learning management system to restore the Internet as a Public Commons and promote a regenerative circular economy. MORE


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Explore our Groups and Courses. Become a group leader, or teacher. We employ an “Exit to Community” strategy by recruiting leaders and teachers to run and own our Platform Cooperative.


Collaborate with others to author courses, lessons, or topics. Create templates for communities to adopt. Become a contributor to our blog.

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Propose a new group and/or courses focused on a particular topic. Groups may be private, public or hidden and include a discussion forum. Organize local members or distributed special interest groups.

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Featured Posts

Communities lower cost of living with Open Access Internet fiber innerducts

Fiber innerducts are sub-duct systems installed within existing conduits to create multiple pathways for fiber optic cables. These systems protect and manage the optical fibers essential for high-speed internet. By maximizing existing infrastructure, communities can lower installation costs and enhance internet accessibility, which can contribute to overall cost savings for residents and improve economic opportunities.

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Advantages of expanding digital equity & IoT in multiple dwelling units

Expanding broadband Internet access through Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in communities with multiple dwelling units (MDUs), such as apartment buildings or condos, presents several key benefits. By leveraging the IoT, communities can significantly enhance the efficiency of utilities like heating, create smarter living environments, and improve overall quality of life.

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We enable Commons Based Peer Production


We asked our AI Assistant

How does Commons-based peer production relate to the possibility of community owned Internet networks (COIN)? In particular, consider how enables what Yochai Benkler refers to as converting consumers into prosumers, with Blockchain software on the router that enables people to purchase bandwidth from upstream and sell bandwidth to people downstream.
The answer explains the benefits of a new regenerative economy replacing the older extractive model of the incumbent ISPs.

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6 Lessons


From Minecraft AI to no code AI automation.

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Build your own ChatGPT

You can basically create custom ChatGPTs and train them with your own data and introductions, using the new GPT builder.

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Collaborate in a Cooperative

As this course evolves, it will include both abstract theory and practical stories of use cases.

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